Grabek is the moniker of the Polish composer, violinist, and electronic musician Wojtek Grabek. Since his debut album 8 (2011, Polskie Radio), which was nominated for the Polish Fryderyk 2012 award in the “Album Of The Year Electronic Music” category and received the “Best Recording Award” from High Fidelity magazine, Grabek has caught the attention of music industry experts and audiences alike. In his artistic expression he consciously meanders on the borderline of styles. He blurs and layers the sounds of synthesizers and the piano, juxtaposing them with the naturalness of his primary instrument – the violin. The outcome is music that listeners tend to describe as ‘evocative’, ‘dramatic’ and ‘cinematic’.
Grabek is known for his stylistic unpredictability and lack of compromise, as evidenced by his third studio album Day One (2018) and the subsequent EP Humans (2019), both of which were perceived as the artist’s way of cutting ties with his musical past. Both the album and the EP received high praise from fans and music critics in Poland and abroad, with Day One receiving special recognition for its intricate and mature mixture of contemporary classical and electronic music.
Grabek’s latest full-length album—the critically acclaimed imagine landscapes—was released in April 2020 on {int}erpret null, a post-classical/experimental label founded by Mark McGlinchey and Mirza Ramic (of Arms and Sleepers). Grabek also contributed five miniature compositions to the {int}erpret null compilation miniatures vol. 1in 2020, alongside artists such as Peter Broderick, David Allred, B. Fleischmann, Aidan Baker, Taz Modi, and others.Grabek wrapped up 2020 with the stunning EP variations on wieniawski, featuring the artist’s original interpretations of selected works by the Polish Romantic-era composer and virtuoso Henryk Wieniawski. The reworks included on the EP were commissioned by the Henryk Wieniawski Musical Society of Poznań, Poland, the initiator and organizer of the International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition.
Over the years, Grabek has performed over 100 live concerts, including Open’er Festival, Slot Art Festival and Męskie Granie Tour. He also supported artists such as Arms and Sleepers, Jamie Woon and Ólafur Arnalds.
Grabek is set to release his new full-length album in April 2021 via {int}erpret null.
(c) GRABEK 2020